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#giant breast worshipping (Tutorial #5-END)
4. Put her in the most comfortable position.
When you're sucking at her nipple, stop your suckling for a moment and to ask her to laid on her back or lay down in her bed and makes her in her most favourite comfortable position.

(Her massive baby-feeders might be too heavy for her back.. Moreover, you makes her to feel the pleasuring of her breast..
She night feels all over her body tingling and feels like an electricity running through her whole body.
She might feels​ her thigh getting weak because of the pleasure, that makes her to paralyzed for a moment)
So, make it sure to makes her feel safe and comfortable, before you continue to pleasuring and worshipping her breast.

You can do another variation on suckling at her nipple, such as : gobbling and nibbling the nipple with your teeth.
Not so hard, but gentle..(don't forget to keep on massaging her breast with the both hands, and..
Makes her satisfied.
#Please do the same thing to the other side of her massive baby-feeders. Don't forget to listen at her request or demand, for other variations.

*Note : you can do this with a woman with gigantic udders. Even though she's not lactating milk.


See you soon at my next Tutorials
#giant breast worshipping (Tutorial #4)
3. Suck those nipple.
The most important thing to do when you're having breast worshipping.
After making her sensitive nipple and areolae getting wet in your saliva, then you can do this most important thing : "sucking at the nipple!!"
Yes, when you are feeling enough for salivating her areolae and nipple, while you keep on massaging her breast with both sides of your hands, you can use your lips to kiss the nipple at first, then you can start suckling at them.

*Note :
Don't suck at them so hard at first, but start it with a gentle kiss..and keep the nipple get wet in your saliva, when you take it in your mouth..
Gently.. Gently..and keep on rubbing and massaging..

Extra : you can bury your face at her nipple and rub the tips with your nose, lips and cheek.
#giant breast worshipping (Tutorial #3)
2. Have a taste of her nipple
You can start to use your tongue to tease the most sensitive part of her breast.

Lick her sensitive nipple!

Yes, while you keep on massaging one of her massive udder from the both sides of your hands, you can start to lick her areolae for the first, then tease the nipple.

Make sure you do it at the right time..When you feel her breast getting enough pleasure..You may feel them with your both hands.

Remember, use your tongue wisely.. Slowly but gentle.
#giant breast worshipping (Tutorial#2)
1. Hold one of them with your both hands.
You can do this at first when you get a lovely woman with gigantic breast. They are probably bigger than your head, so you have to hold just one of her massive baby-feeders with your both hands, just like a hand​ facing upwards received a gift. But still, don't touch her sensitive nipple.
Then you can start to massages it from sides, slowly but gentle..but remember, without touching her nipple.

Then you can say something to her :
"I do really love them.. They're so soft and juicy..Do you mind it if I taste them?"
#giant breast worshipping (Tutorial#1)
This is what happened when you've got your lovely woman with gigantic breast showing her massive baby-feeders in front of your eyes?
What'll you do?

Maybe I have some kind of tutorials to satisfy your lovely woman with only teased her sensitive udders.

There we go..


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MystWell Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Interesting works! I will watch You!
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Thanks so much for the fave on

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Snow Day! by DahliaDrawsDahlia

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tHanXx for watchn';)
raidramon00 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I love your works.  Personally, I think macromastia is one of the greatest undeserved gifts God has given us.  But that's just my personal opinion.
onizukakawashima Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I believed that is true!!
I believe that in Ancient times, a group of people with Tribes used to treat a woman on their village that suffering Macromastia/Gigantomastia as sign of a gift that sent from their God.
They used to serves her, as the Goddess of Wealth, Fertility and Prosperity.
I believe that..
lovingangeIs Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2017
such wonderful drawings x
onizukakawashima Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you Miss Joanne.. Thank you for inspiring me..😋
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