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37yo Mona, the Massage Therapist #end
This is the last thing I've done with the Wonderful Mona.
By the time she gets climaxed, I want to get her beside me to take a good rest in the bed. I don't want her to work (massages me) again, I just want to get her beside me, bare naked her humongous baby-feeders, laying around the bed, feeding me and act like a Mother latching at her loving baby, giving me a little massages to my "junior" when I was gently rubbing and massaging her gigantic udders.
Sometimes I played with her cute little nipples.. slowly lick and suck her puppies in order to makes her happy.

When we both getting our "gentle climaxed", then we both take a deep good rest..while I'm still slowly playing with her drenched in sweat-breast, kissing, licking the whole sweaty breasts and cleaned them until they get wet and shiny with my saliva.

I thought she's quite enjoyed of what is just I've been working.. Well I just wanted to makes her happy too..

It takes about a couple of hours for us to having a great pleasure..

That was such an amazing night. 😍😍


I miss her right now, and I hope I have had a good day to meet her again, and having a great time again. 😘😘
37yo Mona - the Massage Therapist#4
When Mona started to smothering me right on my face with her humongous juggs, I just can't help myself to sucking at Mona's cute little nipple.. with my other hand rubbing at her other nipple.
It felt so soft and chewy like a Marshmallow, but it was a little bit salty.
I thought it's because her boobs becomes wet, covered with her own sweat.
I just got hard just by squeezing her massive pendulous baby-feeder, even though she's not lactating. I'm never felt such a great pleasuring like that just by touching a cute 37yo woman's body.

#Mona : "Mmmmhh..noo.. don't play with my nipples like that..I..I just felt uncomfortable.."

#Me : "Mmmnnn..whaff iff fewwff wike?" (Mmmnnn..what it's feels like?)

#Mona : "Uhhhh.. don't talk when you are sucking at my nipples!! you're just teasing me.."

#Me : "Mmmmhh...Woowwyy.." (Mmmmhh...Sorry)

#Mona : "ahhhaannn... it's feels like someone teasing me with an electricity running through all over my body..Oohh.."

#Me : "ifff wiff wood?!" (Is this good?!)

#Mona : "ahh!! I'm coming!!"

Mona peed herself just as I'm teasing her nipples. She's twitches and convulsing for about 15 seconds.
She's making the floor get drenched with Mona's droplets squirt.

She looks soo cute when she's climaxing.
37yo Mona - the massage therapist#3
Mona asked me to laid back on the bed.
Suddenly she bare her breast and lay down her gigantic juggs on my face, trying to smothering me with her enormous udders.

#Mona : "Mmm.. you really love'em, don't you?! Mmmnnn.. I can feel the contours of your face touching my skin.."

#me : "Mmmmhh...Mommaa!! Mommaa!!(Mona!! Mona!!)" (I'm struggling to breathe, because Mona was trying to suffocating me with her giant baby-feeder!!)

#Mona : " you tried to play like a cute little baby with calling me as his Mom, while you playing with my boobies?! You are such a naughty boy.."

#me : "Mmmmhhhhh!!!" (I'm starting to find her tiny little nipples while she's suffocating me with her breast, licking the areolas and started to swirling her tiny the other hand, I'm slowly pinched and tweak the other nipple with my fingers)

#Mona : "Mmmnnn...oh boy, you are sucking and tweaking my nipples..Mmmm.. don't do that.. I'm not lactate anymore, because I don't have a baby.. it's just making me to feel like getting an electricity running through my whole body..Mm..oh, my.. Mmmaahhh"

#me : "Mmmnnn...I'm your baby now! So you have to give me some nutritious food"

#Mona : "Mmmnnn.. you are such a naughty boy...aahhhnn!!"
37yo Mona Massage Therapist#2
Sorry for the late post..
This is my own experience from about a few weeks ago, when I met with the gorgeous 37 years old Mona, the massage therapist, at the massage parlor.

#37yo Mona pt.2

She asked me to undressed my clothes, to makes her easier to massage me.
I'm undressing my clothes and only wearing a small towel, just to covered my bottom.
Accidentally, she undressed her blouse, with only wearing underclothes.

#Mona : "I'm sorry, it's my blouse that makes me feel so uncomfortable..I thought I'm just getting fatter than before. My blouse just getting tight.
I'm sorry if this makes you uncomfortable.."

#Me : " just don't worry about me..I don't mind it at all.. actually, you are just looks so wonderful.."

#Mona : "Mmm.. you are so naughty..
I thought you were just too focusing at my large chest, don't you?!"

#Me : "haha.. it's not just like is just because you are the most wonderful woman I've got here."

#Mona : " are big boobies lover, don't you?!"

#Me : "haha.. 😅 I'm sorry.."

#Mona : "well, I don't mind is just because you are so cute.."

#Me : "Mona..." 😍
37 years old Mona - the Massages Therapist
This was my own personal experience.

About a few days ago, I just met with this gorgeous lady when I go to the Massage Parlor to relieve my body stiffness and my back pain, after I came back from my work place. That was my first time for me to get the Massage Parlor.

Just called her Mona (it's not her real name). She was 37 years old widowed lady with a little 7 years old daughter.
She was a professional massages therapist.
She's not very popular with the current customers. (Because of her age, maybe)
She's a little chubby and not quite beautiful too, compared to another younger girls at those Parlor.
But for me, I think she's cute. She has smooth skin for her age, short hair and the most important thing, she has a pair of enormous juggs!! What a wonderful lady!!

I choose her for my private massage therapist immediately, before the other customers do.
I was become a very lucky amateur that day for getting those wonderful lady. That was such a great beginner's luck!


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