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63yo Yuka x 45yo Bobby _ triple pleasure
_ from outside _
After heading to the stall, Yuka and Bobby rushing into the young lamb's cage.
Yuka shows Bobby about what is really happened that morning before.
Yuka starts to bend her back, and bulging her gigantic pendulous udders into the young lamb's mouth.

They're both devour and gobble those succulent breast and squeezing out Yuka's sensitive inverted nipples.

##Yuka : "Aaaahhnnn!!! They're both so cute.. They're eating my breast!! They are.. I'm breastfed them! They thought, that I'm their Mother!! Ahhh!!
This is..What is just truly happened late morning, and you're just milking my baby-feeder this morning.
And then, you're selling them to people.
Mmmmhh..I felt so embarrassed.."

##Bobby : "aahhhnn?!!" 😨

##Yuka : "Mmmmhhh..hhh..heyy..why are you becomes so quiet, Sweetheart?! Why just...Aaaahhnnn..Mmmmmm!!!"

(Bobby assault Yuka from behind, kissing Yuka, hold her, lift her legs, and started to thrusting his third leg into Yuka's sensitive private part)

##Bobby : "Ngghhhhh!! So this is what you want?! You lewd!! I love you!! You're just makes me crazy!! Unggh!! I can't believe that you're this thight!!"

##Yuka : "Haaaaaaann!!! You're soo biiiiigg!! Not so haaard!! Please don't do it this hard.. you're filling me inside!!
It's felt Suuuper Goooood!!
You're doing me from behind while these Lamb gobbling my nipples!!
This is.. Triple Pleasure!! Hnggghh!!"

##Bobby : "Urgghh!! I thought I'm just getting to come!! I can't believe that I've become this fast! You're so thight and wonderful!!"

##Yuka : "Maaahh..Noo..Please !! let it out inside me!!

##Bobby : "Ngggg!! I'm cooommmiiinggg!!"
(meanwhile) 63yo Yuka x 45yo Bobby _ outside
It's a long time I'm never giving an update about Jimmy's story.
Then here's the update :

63 years old Yuka ask her 45 years old Lover, Bobby, to go outside his house, naked!!

##Yuka : "hurry up!!" 😋

##Bobby : "oh, my.. Ma'am..Where are we going?! It's a late night!! We are messing around and naked!! and.. You're pulling my...!!" 😫

##Yuka : "Oh, dear!! I'm sorry..
It's just.. the same size as your hands!!
I thought it was your hands!!" 😍

##Bobby : "Uhhhh..😫 then, where are we going, actually?!

##Yuka : "just follow me.. I've got a great ideas!!"

##Bobby : "we're heading to..The stall?!"
300yo Bao-Han _ a Hot and Steamy Night
Once upon a Night, 300 years old Chinese Witch, Bao-Han, having a quality time with her young lover Boy.

This is one of the best moments she loves the most.

She's going to be 5 years younger after having that quality time.
300 years old Bao-Han_obtained
A 300 years old Chinese Witch just obtained a young Boy's quintessence.
She's getting 5 years younger after sucking a young Boy quintessence for the Witcher power requirement.

16 years old Tribe Girl Ayana, the early years.
This is the younger Ayana, a 16 years old Tribes Girl.
She's very cheerful, positive and friendly when she was a teenage girl.
She's quite active when she's doing on Tribe's teenage and adults council.
She used to lead on dancing for the Tribe's dancing and worshipping their God.

Her breast started to grow exceeded when she was 13, and starts her puberty.
When she was 16, her gigantic saggy breast weigh more than 4 kilos/each.
Her wonderful saggy-enormous breast sway and swinging while she was dancing. People love her by her looks.

She was stop dancing when she was 18, when her breast weigh more than 7 kilos/each. The adults Tribe's councils wants her to stop her activities in dancing and appointed her as the Tribe's precious Goddess.

She's served as the Tribe's Goddess of Fertility when she was 20. The adultsTribe's Councils were taking a conclusion that Ayana has to be appointed as the Goddess of Fertility and Prosperity, because of the wonderful size of her gigantic pendulous udders.
They are considering it as a great gift from their God!


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