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45yo Bobby x 63yo Yuka - the Visit
At 7 P.M in the evening, Yuka visiting Bobby at his house as she just promise.
Yuka is wearing her cloak to covered her pendulous udders from the people.

#Yuka : "Good evening, Mister.."

#Bobby : "Good Evening, Ma' name's Bobby.. just call me with the name."

#Yuka : "My name is Yuka, anyway.. you can call me Yuka.
Mmmnnn.. the weather was going too hot you mind if I take off this cloak?"

#Bobby : "yes, please take it off and I'll keep it for you.."

#Yuka : "thank you.."

Yuka undressing her cloak and she's just makes her overdeveloped breast bulging. Bobby got shocked after seeing Yuka's cow-sized udders bulging out of the cloak.

#Bobby : "oh, my..!!"

#Yuka : "what is it, Bob?"

#Bobby : "they are so bi..I mean, you looks so gorgeous, Ma'am?"

#Yuka : "oh, dear.. don't call me like that.. I'm just getting too old.. I'm 63, anyway.. you are embarrassing me.."

#Bobby : "it's true, Ma'am.. at your age, you are still looks so young.. you are still looks so plump, soft and succulent like a Thirties.."

#Yuka : "I'm.. plump?"

#Bobby : "yes! Your breasts were so beautiful! They are so big like a cow's..."

#Yuka : "oh, dear.. you are so naughty.. you just called me like a dairy cow.."

#Bobby : "Ohh.. what am I just saying.. I'm the worst..I mean.. you looks so beautiful with those hanging udders, because it is yours..
Oh, my.. what am I saying..!!"

#Yuka : " you like my breasts?"

#Bobby : "I love 'em!! what am I just saying?!"

#Yuka : "tee-hee.. you are looks so cute, Mister..I love the way you look at my gigantic breasts..
Just like a young boy wanting his Mother's breasts.."

#Bobby : "oh, my apologies, Ma'am.. but you are just so wonderful."

#Yuka : "oh, dear.."
20 years old Ginny Chapman with 42N-cup breast #1
Taken from :…

‘Those boobs aren’t big enough for NHS op’
EXCLUSIVE: We beg two differ with health bosses as Ginny Chapman is in agony with size 42N chest
EXCLUSIVE BY STEPHEN MOYES 21st August 2015, 11:01 pm

DESPERATE Ginny Chapman has been turned down for a breast reduction on the NHS — because bosses reckon her 42N boobs are not “extreme” enough.

Instead the 20-year-old has to claim £250 a month in benefits because she is in too much pain to hold down a job.

Ginny told The Sun: “My boobs are the equivalent of carrying 1½ stone on my chest. They are a curse. I’m in constant agony and I can’t believe they don’t think I qualify for the op.

“My boyfriend loves them, I can’t lie. But sex is painful. I either have to wear a bra or go on top — and even then I worry I might suffocate him.

“He wants me to be happy and if he could pay for the reduction he would. But it’s between £5,000 and £6,000 and there’s no way we can afford it.

“I can’t pay until I have a good job — it is a vicious circle. I want to be in work.”

The case of Ginny, from York, is in stark contrast to that of serial sponger Josie Cunningham who got a boob job on the NHS because she wanted to become a glamour girl.

Ginny’s boobs started growing when she was ten. She said: “By 13 people were asking if they were real. I was bullied and became very nervous.

“I have anxiety and panic attacks and I’m scared to leave the house.

“I struggle to find a bra to fit and it’s quite noticeable. Having one specially made costs £95 and I can’t afford it.

“The one I wear now is two sizes too small. Most of the day I’m just pushing my boobs back into it.”

Ginny left college at 17 and had several jobs. But she said: “The pain in my back becomes unbearable. I struggle even to do the washing up.

“My spine has curved inwards. I take painkillers constantly.

“I weigh 17st and would love to go to the gym but it is imposs-ible to exercise properly. All my friends will play basketball and I have to sit on the sidelines.”

In June her application for surgery was turned down despite it being backed by her GP, who has signed her off sick.

Ginny said: “They just said my case was not extreme enough.”

A spokesman for NHS Scarborough and Ryedale Clinical Commissioning Group said: “The case was not deemed to be clinically exceptional.

“The patient does have the opportunity to appeal. To date, no appeal has been received.”


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